Field Recording Albums

To promote an artistic approach to field recording, Phonography Austin regularly releases compilation albums of field recordings made by Austin-based phonographers. To be included in a future release, please submit material to one of our open calls for submission.

a1476199617_10 (1)Annual Report 2018Phonography Austin field recording compilation album, VOLUME 01

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a1476199617_10 (1)Sound Surrounds: Field Recordings by Students of the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Released: May 11, 2019
Curated by Lacey Lewis and Travis P. Hill
Cover art by Ethan W.
Cover design by Travis P. Hill
Mastered by Alex Keller

Sound Surrounds is presented by Phonography Austin in collaboration with the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Audio recording plays a significant role in the lives of individuals with visual impairment, often serving as their analogue to photography, where snapshots of sound can serve as aural memories. Visual impairment manifests across a spectrum, and students at TSBVI have varying levels of vision loss, including a range of deaf-blindness. In addition to recording audio to capture memories or for pure enjoyment, TSBVI students interpret sound to situate themselves in physical space or to recognize familiar voices. For students on the deaf-blind spectrum, sound takes on a more tactile nature, where exploring sounds is about feeling its vibrations with the body.

Through this compilation of field recordings, TSBVI students share a diversity of audio elements and events that represent their everyday lives. The project not only conveys the day-to-day sonic culture in which the students are immersed but also demonstrates self-determination, revealing part of their decision-making process for participation in and engagement with their surroundings through their choices of sounds. From recordings of Preston Phillips’s tactile exploration of the vibrations of an accordion and foot massager to the scratching of Lukas MacDonnell’s cane during music lessons, this project seeks to expand our notions of who listens and how we listen.


Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2018

Released: December 8, 2018
Cover design by Travis P. Hill
Mastered by Alex Keller

 Phonography Austin field recording compilation album, VOLUME 01

Phonography Austin’s first field recording compilation album
Released: April 24, 2017


   Laura Brackney
   Kevin Sample
   Sean O’Neill
   T Putnam Hill
   Junior Williams
   Alex Keller
   Josh Ronsen
   Vanessa Gelvin
   gutter rain 2016-11-09
   Cherry Cove, Catalina Island
   Sunday in Chania
   Green treefrog chorus
   Thousands Of Bees In Box
   The Audience

On its debut CD release, the Phonography Austin group capably demonstrates how it is united by a rigorous commitment to authenticity in communication, despite the full spectrum of different technical approaches adopted by its membership. As such, it provides an encouragement to new practitioners and a challenge to stereotypical conceptions of field / location recording. As per current member Vanessa Gelvin, the group has shown a healthy desire to avoid the ‘orientalizing’ tendency of recording only those phenomena and events which might be outside of listeners’ customary experience, and has instead expanded on the acousmatic tradition of showing how any sonic experience can contain seeds of newness or act as a spur to profound transformations – regardless of its intimacy or foreignness with respect to the listener.


On the CD you can hear:

Laura Brackney’s slice of life as an urban pedestrian, going from a day job to a gamelan rehearsal.

Kevin Sample’s microsonic perspective in a fascinating recording of the vibration of an active rain gutter.

Sean O’Neill’s capture of a train passing closely in an acoustically bright environment.

T Putnam Hill’s lull and calm of a cove on Santa Catalina Island.

Junior Williams’ ritualistic space with a recording of an amplified Orthodox church service in Crete.

Alex Keller’s immersion in a cluster of green tree frogs in the evening in Florida.

Josh Ronsen’s uncomfortably close perspective on a box of bees.

Vanessa Gelvin’s document of relief and suspense of the end of a performance.


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