Open Call

Open Call for 2020 Annual Report

Phonography Austin is conducting an open call to Austin-based field recordists for submissions to its 2020 Annual Report compilation. While you may get a feel for the types of recordings we have previously released, we anticipate that this year’s recordings will be… different. We hope that these submissions collectively mark this moment in time.


Submission requirements:

  • Recordists/artists must be based primarily in Austin, Texas.
  • Submitted field recordings must be recorded within the 2020 calendar year by the person making the submission. Only original recordings will be accepted.
  • Field recordings must be unprocessed. Limited EQ adjustments and cuts for start and end points are permitted.
  • Recordings submitted should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Recordings of your band or friend’s band DO NOT qualify as field recordings. Similarly, please DO NOT submit recordings in which instruments/objects are being played/performed (e.g., recordings of you plucking the strings of a discarded piano or having a jam session with rocks at the riverside will not be accepted). Please submit only incidental recordings of the world that surrounds us.
  • You may submit recordings under your legal or chosen name or any pseudonym you may commonly use, but please do not submit using a band or musical project name.


How to submit:

To submit field recordings for this year’s compilation, please complete the following Google Form: 2020 Annual Report Submission Form

You may also email all required information (see fields in the Google Form) to

To upload your file to us, please use and send your submission to

We will accept up to two submissions per artist for consideration. However, please note that we will include only one recording per artist in the final compilation.


Deadline for submissions:

Friday, November 6, 2020 at 5 p.m. Central.


About the Annual Report:

The Phonography Austin 2020 Annual Report compilation will be a digital-only release through Bandcamp and will be free of charge to anyone who wishes to download it. As such, we unfortunately cannot compensate artists who submit.

To listen to last year’s annual report compilation and other projects by Phonography Austin, visit