Third Annual Report: On the Air and Online

On Sunday, December 6, Phonography Austin will release its third annual report for free on Bandcamp and on Austin’s community radio station, KOOP 91.7 FM, showcasing the work of local field recordists to capture and recontextualize a diversity of acoustic environments.

Austin-based artists A Secret Chief, Aux Aux, Brent Fariss, Vincent Fariss, Jérôme Fisch, Alex Keller, Sarah King, Teresa Nichta, Daniy Oberle, Josh Ronsen, and Zachary Smith contributed field recordings made in a variety of circumstances, all over the world. Sounds come from as far as Tahiti to as near as Port Aransas, and are both as familiar and relevant as the sound of washing hands. The Bandcamp release is Phonography Austin’s fourth compilation release.

Phonography Austin’s Third Annual Report is part of the sound arts organization’s ongoing program of educational workshops and listening experiences designed to foster artistic investigation of sound environments, acoustic phenomena and other aural situations through the practice of field recording. The listener is encouraged to listen to the recordings presented as sound objects in and of themselves—or to embrace the sense of place and context as they occur in the recordings.

For more information, contact Alex Keller at alexkeller – at –

Date: Sunday, December 6, 2020
Broadcast time: 8:30-10:00 p.m.
Location: In Austin, on Commercial Suicide at 91.7 FM or streaming at
Compilation: Will be available for free at at 8:30 PM on Sunday, 12/6/2020.

About Phonography Austin

Phonography Austin is an organization dedicated to exploring phonography (the creation and presentation of field recordings as art objects) and acoustic ecology (the study of the effects of the acoustic environment on those living within it). More at

About Commercial Suicide
Hosted by Mallory Watson and Matthew Dylan, Commercial Suicide has been on KOOP since it’s founding in 1995. Experimental, electronic, ambient, minimalist, noise, improvised, and other strange sounds can be heard on the show. It airs regularly on Sundays between 8:30-10:00 PM.

About KOOP

KOOP is a community radio station in Austin, TX, owned and operated by its members in a cooperative structure depending primarily upon its volunteers and supporters for all operations of the station. KOOP provides a diverse array of programming, emphasizing programs that deal with local issues and/or serve communities which are under-served by the mainstream media.